Sample Portraits of an Executive Team

Below are sample portraits an executive team!

We loved having so much space! This conference room allowed us to use a more flattering lens for portraits. This setup uses traditional 3 point lighting, as well as an iPad which is updated after each shot so individuals can review and mark which photo they like best. This streamlines post-production process allows us to deliver the images faster.

A few notes to share on this project:

  • The marketing director decided on a white backdrop for a clean look that could be easily integrated into their newly designed website

  • Each individual picked one to two images of themselves for professional purposes, and one fun one to be used for their internal newsletter

  • Images are shot horizontally to include more of the shoulders and provide more versatility for their graphic designer

  • Because of the generous space in the conference room, we were excited to use a lens that is most flattering for portraits

  • Post production work included exposure and color corrections, light touchups to skin and teeth, removal of lint and stains from clothing, as well as ensuring a pure white background throughout to blend into their website

We Love BTS

And here’s a quick Behind the Scenes video we created just for fun! This shoot used a gray backdrop instead of a white.