Top 5 Reasons to Use a Teleprompter

When we offer a teleprompter to our clients it seems that the response is 50/50, which is surprising. If given the choice, our production crew would hands down opt for a teleprompter. And not just because we are "behind the camera" types!

Here's why: 

  1. Clean Message. Your audience has the attention span of a two year old. You need to be succinct. Rambling is the opposite of succinct. And rambling is a good segue to point #2. 
  2. Faster Editing. We're not going to lie. Editing 15 minutes of rambling sucks. Know what else sucks? When your final product is baby ramblings stuck together with silver duct tape (See #1, i.e., don't risk losing or confusing your audience). 
  3. Consistent Delivery. Practice makes perfect. Control delivery down to intonation and facial expression. Beyond what you say, there is so much power in creating a presence. And this comes with practice. 
  4. Feedback. You can get someone's feedback before you even open your mouth and we hit record. 
  5. More Relaxed. You're more relaxed because you know exactly what you're going to say and how you're going to say it. No shaky-nervous voice. No forgetting lines. Just reading with presence. 

A teleprompter is a tool that can get you to an awesome video that hits the web faster.

And you can get on with your life. Or, ideally, on to your next video with us...because the other one was a breeze. :)