event coverage

Northern Fork Promo Video


We came out on a beautiful Chicago night to shoot the Northern Fork team do their thing at this amazing rooftop! From delicious cocktails and pig roast, to a beautiful view of the skyline and picturesque sunset — there is nothing more you could ask for!

Northern Fork wanted showcase their delicious work using video so we shot a little bit of their prep, team and guests mingling. We are still dreaming of the pig roast and blueberry pie. Haha! Please invite us back Northern Fork!


We loved the expression on their faces.
— Design Director, University of Chicago

As photographers we take hundreds of photos during one event, and share what we think are the best ones. And from there, our clients, pick their favorite ones. Many of these images never see the light of day, but when they do, it brings a big smile to our face!

The photo below was taken at the Chicago Booth Private Equity Conference in 2015. More than a year later, this photo has lived on! It will be printed in a book, and be the closing image. 

Getting printed never gets old. :)